Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Industrial Masculinity

I was researching an industrial company at work the other day and stumbled across this photo:

Perhaps it was the dreadful monotony and tediousness of my work that made me giggle. Or perhaps I'm still just too immature. Either way, I found it humorous that the phrase "mine is bigger than yours" applies to so many things other than bodily organs.

Byron Yee 余柏仁
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guangzhou Subway - The Best??

CNN recently listed Guangzhou, China as the #1 subway system in the world. The first line was opened in 1992, just 20 years ago, and now has eight lines, 144 stations, 236 kilometers of track and well over 1.2 billion passengers.


I agree, the metro system itself is wonderful, clean, fast, and very convenient. However, what CNN failed to take into account in their ratings is the 1.2+ billion passengers themselves.

The subway system makes frequent PSAs about offering your seat to elders - old people are notoriously the pushiest and now feel entitled to get that seat, even leading to fighting and Mike Tyson style bloody ear bites.

But let's not wholly blame old people for poor "uncivilized" metro behavior. Just last month, a boy was just not mature or old enough to hold it. So he went potty on the subway - Number 2.

All grumpy old people and feces aside, the Guangzhou subway is just an uncomfortable ride due to the sheer number of people who need to commute everyday. It takes a bit of vigilance, agility, and flexibility to maneuver yourself in between and among the flow and push and shove of people.

So, I'm not arguing CNN's ratings of the Guangzhou subway, I'm just suggesting it should also be posted as #1 on the list of "Top Ten Places to experience the subway for people who love unintentional gropage, fighting and biting, and occasional fecal matter" as well.

Byron Yee 余柏仁
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China