Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Final Thoughts

My bags are packed, my goodbyes have been said, my tears have been shed. It's now officially time for me to hit the road. It would be lying to say that I'm not nervous, scared, or very sad. It would be lying to say that I'm not anxious, excited, or energetic. I am all of these things and much more.

Regardless of my emotional whirlpool, I feel ready. Ready to meet all 50 other PC trainees heading to Senegal with me. Ready to feel lost, confused, outcast in a strange new world. Ready to fully test and challenge all the social, educational, and technical skills I have developed in my 23 years of life. Ready, and arriving with an open mind and open heart. Ready - thanks to all of you.

I'm currently chatting online with a dear friend from Thailand. This week, I also received emails from my friends and family in Lebanon, Canada, Italy, and Brazil (and of course the USA). Knowing that there are people all of over the world supporting my journey brings me peace. Please keep in touch, and please continue all of your hard work you are doing, whether it be abroad or on the homefront. My efforts are not any more or less important than yours.

Watch out world! Byron Yee is on the move...

Assalaamalekum (Peace be with you).

Byron Yee
Peace Corps Trainee - Senegal, 2009

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