Friday, April 30, 2010


After 2 full weeks of hard work, language translation, muddy and poopy hands, Cassie and I just finished planting trees at 4 different schools. We have set up tree nurseries in polysacs and will be outplanting these trees in a couple months when the rainy season begins. At each school, we taught a handful of teachers and hundreds of students how to plant and care for trees, which will be used for shade, wind break, and border fencing. Total trees planted = about 1,000

Today after recuperating from exhaustion and dehydration, we celebrated our hard work by drinking lemonade and Cheez-Its (Thanks Nina!). What’s next? Every couple weeks we have to monitor the health and growth in the nurseries, then come the even harder work of digging 1,000 holes for all 1,000 trees…wish us luck!

Byron Yee
Peace Corps Volunteer - Senegal, 2009

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  1. Just think of the book "Holes" while you dig. Maybe you'll find a hidden treasure chest full of amazingness :P

    <3 Pammy