Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years Resolution

If my NY res was to be busier and more productive this year, I think I just fulfilled this goal within the year's first week. Here's a summary of what I just did:

1. Hosted the US embassy and Senegal's local TV for filming a documentary on PCVs. It was a very intense and frustrated 2 days as I was working with a Senegalese TV crew with low tech equipment. So cultural differences and general misunderstanding got in the way.
2. Speaking of miscommunication, how about learning some Pulaar? This would be my 4th local language I'm learning, of which I've mastered none...
3. Just finished digging 500+ sq meters of improved garden beds with my community garden team.
4. Launched 5 new school gardens, with lots of help from Cassie. (thanks dear)

So as today is officially a sunday, I think I deserve a day of rest...

Byron Yee
Peace Corps Volunteer - Senegal, 2009

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