Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why every travel is an adventure

What's the most interesting way to travel a mere 25km?

1. Hop on a boat for a lovely 25 minute cruise through the delta. (I was on an island)
2. Climb onto shore and haggle with a guy in Serere and Wolof.
3. Ride a 9-place (The same car as a 7 place, but with more people squished in) through partially marked sandy roads carved through millet fields.
4. Push my way out of the car through herds of mango vendors, only to sit and wait for another car to leave.
5. But the driver was not in sight and after 30 minutes, another small bus rolled by.
6. The driver was in a big hurry because we had to stop and load about 15 goats onto the top, so he was flying down bumpy laterate road at an insane speed.
7. Then the road ran we continue at a crazy speed, but it was even more bumpy and more dusty.
8. Between the passengers shouting in Wolof and Serere inside the car, and the goats bleating on top (still uncertain which Senegalese dialect they speak), I missed my stop.
9. So, I hopped out and walked back about 1km.

Despite the noise, dust, and prayers for my life, I have to admit that it was really a scenic route.

The most ironic part was that my ride back was much smoother, but I tripped coming out of the bus and really screwed up my ACL. Why can't Peace Corps invest in personal hovercrafts?

Byron Yee
Peace Corps Volunteer - Senegal, 2009

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