Monday, September 26, 2011

Byron's first "China Day"

When in a foreign country with limited to no language skills, bad things are bad to happen. And sometimes they happen all at once...

In my case, I missed my first day of chinese class because:
- My ride dropped me off at the wrong location
- I couldn't find the nearest subway station to get to the actual location
- I ran out of phone credit and couldn't call my driver
- Phone battery was dying
- Still can't speak Chinese, so calling my driver wouldn't (and didn't) help
- The China Mobile store did not cell phone credit for its own service...

But obviously I survived and tried to make this an optimistic experience. The good things?
- My Chinese vocab has dramatically increased with terms such as subway, phone credit, and basic directions
- I know where the correct place is, so this won't ever happen again

When abroad in an awful experience you hear the phrase "I've learned so much today." Well, I learned a helluva lot and glad my daily education is a little less intense than that...

Byron Yee
TEFL English Teacher - Shenzhen, China

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